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Calm Like a Bomb

This journal contains content only suitable for those over the age of 18.

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Name:Matthew Callahan
Birthdate:Aug 17
This is an RP journal. I do not own Threshold, and although it might be fun to own Alexander SkarsgÄrd, I don't.

Characterization: Matthew is played pretty closely to DV8 canon, although some things have been handwaved for plot reasons. Gods and Monsters has not taken place in his regular continuity.

Bio: Matthew Callahan is the son of Stephen Callahan, a former member of Team 7. Team 7's superiors, the intelligence agency International Operations had exposed the team to the Gen-Factor, a substance that endowed the team with superhuman powers. A couple of years later, I.O. decided that Team 7's children could have inherited their fathers' powers and if they could raise them from childhood, they could ensure their obedience. Most Team 7 members went into hiding with their children. Stephen and his family tried to escape as well, but I.O.'s troops caught up with them in Ohio and shot and killed Stephen and his wife and took Matthew and his sister Nicole with them.

Matthew, now also called Threshold, was exactly what I.O. wanted to engineer: a perfect killing machine. Ivana Baiul, one-time Director of I.O.'s Sci-Tech division and head of Project: Genesis saw his great potential and decided to take him as her lover in order to better control him. Matthew hopelessly loved Ivana, although in the depths of his subconscious he often wondered if she was in fact responsible for his father's death. Ivana, for her part, had no tender feelings whatsoever - she routinely injected her lover with untested drugs designed to boost his psychokinetic powers.

Matthew has a tumultuous relationship with his sister, Nicole (aka Bliss). He hates her, to not put too fine a point on it, preferring to remember her as an innocent young girl and not the overtly sexual woman she grew into. Then, of course, there's the little matter of his sister seducing him... Yeah. That.

Threshold was the team leader of Ivana's personal superpowered brute squad, ruling through fear and hate. He is possessed of extremely powerful psychokinetic powers - he is telepathic and can fly, and his favourite thing to do is pop people's heads. He is also an accomplished martial artist. His moral code is warped, he has absolutely no remorse, and he is quite possibly actually a psychopath.

He is, essentially, the perfect soldier.

Both muse and mun are over 18. This journal contains adult content.

Layout credit goes to [personal profile] terra
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